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      About us

        Wenzhou Haichuan Machinery Factory specializes in producing freeze dryer and other products in the field of dairy, fine chemistry, food, beverage, pharmacy and other fields fluid valves, pipe fittings. All products are made according to industrial standards of ISO, SMS, DIN, IDF, and 3A, and our main materials generally comply with SUS304 and SUS316L standards. Inner surface is made with mirror polish and outer surface with polishing and sand blasting. We have possessed a complete management system, first-rate technology and practical experience for a long time so that our company can develop rapidly and get recognition from enterprises of foreign countries.

        Since our factory was established, Wenzhou Haichuan Machinery Factory has insisted on being supported by science and technology. We are constantly absorbing the processing technology of foreign advanced mechanical equipment, being the first to develop and produce equipment in accordance with GMP rules and fluid fittings at home. Our products can suffice the requirements of foodstuff and pharmaceutical engineering.

          Haichuan people are cordial to welcome you to visit our factory. We actively participate in the whole world competition with our own strength and prestige. We will make our contribution to human health cause.

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